High-precision guided ammunition

Miniature Guided Munition for UAV

After being dropped, it reaches the target using control surfaces and navigation systems. EW-resistant.

Miniature guided munition with an increased range

Ammunition with wings and improved navigation systems. A significant increase in working distance and accuracy is expected.

Miniature guided munition with a propulsion

Ammunition can travel great distances using its jet engine and multiple navigation systems working together in unison. Best choice to hit important targets deep behind the enemy lines.

Deftak includes successful startup founders and scientists, engineers with experience working in leading technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Megogo, Epam.


A diverse team of talents

Deftak consists of experienced engineers, startup entrepreneurs, IT-specialists and scientists. We are engaged in innovative developments in the field of defense technologies.

Our achievements

Drone Hackathon 1.0 winners
August 2022
Second place in D3 Hackathon
May 2023
Army of Drones start-up accelerator
September 2022 - February 2023
Several grants for SMB won
June and October 2023
Start-up Accelerator 1991
summer 2023
Current state: Testing of the MVP
End of 2023
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Screenshot 2023-12-10 140527
Screenshot 2023-12-10 201337
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For investors

Our solutions are aimed at providing an undeniable advantage to those who use them. Being at the center of today’s most technological war, we have a unique opportunity to gather information and test our systems in real conditions. Numerous nominations, grants and initiatives in our direction prove that we are engaged in filling an urgent and pressing need.

To accelerate our movement, we are looking for investments and partners.

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